Name Your Temple


Naming your temple is identifying the object of your devotion. It’s choosing to dedicate yourself to a lifestyle that fills you up from the inside out. It’s making sacred your art, your time, & your energy.

Naming your temple is saying, “This is who I am and this is what I believe.” It’s giving yourself permission to want what you want, feel what you feel, and explore what you know.

Naming your temple is giving yourself permission to make your art your way because that’s what you’re called to do.

Naming your temple is bowing to your desire.

This naming is an ongoing process. It’s keeping things fresh and exciting while you discover who you are, what you want, and why you want it. It’s getting clear on what drives you so you can have more of what thrills you.

Naming your temple is making your home so you can be at peace with yourself wherever you are. It’s coming home to yourself over and over and over again.

That’s what I mean by “name your temple.” I’m talking about making your sacred art so you can come home to yourself again and again. 

Of course, to “build your cathedral” means you have the courage to birth a grand vision in tangible, measurable ways. It’s taking the fruit of your art and making it real. It’s actually building your masterpiece after taking the time to envision it. It’s having the guts to actualise your wild-heart crazy dreams.

Name your temple so you can build your cathedral. Know your art so you can make your art. This is your sacred mission. This is your holy duty. This is why you’re here.

“It’s not about paying your dues. It’s about devotion, the freedom that comes when you’ve given up your clawing angst, and you know that you’re going to give this ride everything you have.” ~ Tama Kieves

This journey is not just about the big bucks. It’s not just about TED talks, standing ovations, and waiting lists for your latest offerings.

This journey is about devotion. It’s about vision, mastery, and depth. It’s about flow. It’s about diamonds and pearls. It’s about joy.

This journey is about living in the heavens. It’s about wildly incandescent art and ferociously brilliant visioning. It’s about the strength of being still and the power of motion. It’s about being in flow and mining the veins of gold in the subterranean layers of your soul. It’s about tap dancing with joy and swooning with love. It’s about love.

This journey is about naming your temple and building your cathedral. It’s about lightning bolts of clarity and live-wire energy. It’s about sapphires and brilliance. It’s about faith. It’s about treasure, the treasure of your Soul.

You are not determined by the circumstances around you. You are not determined by data. You are not determined by what other people say, think, or feel about you.

You are determined by love. You are determined by the strength of your heart and the size of your giving. You are determined by your faith and your joy. You are determined by your sacred unshakable truth. 

You are worthy simply because you are here. You are worthy because of the the texture of your Soul. You are always worthy. Always.

And ultimately, this journey is about unleashing your creativity, accepting that you’re worthy, and falling in love with yourself over and over again as you learn more about yourself and your desires. Unleashing your creativity frees you to discover who you are, what’s important to you, and how you can act on it. The more action you take, the clearer you are about your life and lifestyle and what you’re here to do. And the clearer you are, the easier it gets to build the life that you desire, and to live that life without letting stuff get in your way. There’ll always be stuff going on, and it’s up to you to make your way through it so it doesn’t get you down and steal your joy. You’re here to amp up your love and your joy, and diving deep into your creativity amps up your love and joy when you get into it.

Giving yourself the time and space to create gives your Soul room to breathe and unfurl, which makes you a happier, healthier human being. Living in tune with your deepest desires spurs you to make your life a masterpiece, a work of art ringing with your truth and bursting with your love. You create a legacy, a way of being that resonates with your tribe and makes you iconic in their eyes. You become your own person: unique, glamorous, and distinct. You evolve, expand your consciousness, and elevate your art from novice to master. You become who you came here to be, which is the truest, hottest version of yourself.

Naming your temple is the journey of a lifetime. It starts with the decision to explore what’s out there, what’s possible, and what calls to you. It continues with the choice to act on what you discover and design the life that speaks to you and fills you up. It always comes down to what you do with what you know so you can feel the way you want to feel: lit up, bright eyed, and excited about life.

How are you naming your temple?

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