Free Your Wings


Life is an experiment. There’re no guarantees. No sure things or definite bankers. No gold lottery tickets stuffed in mailboxes and easy money floating down from the trees.

There’re only the brave souls who go beyond the comfortable to discover the incredible. There’re only the artists who surrender to their muse and alter the fabric of humanity as we know it. There’re only the few who detach from the masses so they can hear the voice of their heart speak.

“Free your wings.” I feel it’s something that needs to be said because so many of us are still waiting for permission before we take to the skies. So many of us are still waiting for iron-clad guarantees before we trust our wings to break our fall. So many of us are still waiting for something before we do the work of unwrapping the chains around our straining wings.

We can’t keep waiting for the stars to align before we dare to flare our wings because all we have is Now to make our mark and own this moment. All we have is now to use up our gifts and go to bed empty because we poured out all we had to give. 

Sometimes you feel like crackling out of your skin. Like peeling off the calcified layer slowing you down and deadening your senses. Like burning your cage and walking the streets naked. Stripping down to your purest essence, running your fingers over the nuts and bolts of your being. Burning the clutter and torching your security blanket. Snapping off your handcuffs and kicking loose your manacles. Flaring your wings of fire and shooting through the sky like a cosmic bullet.

Those are your wings talking.

Sometimes you’re cracking open, like your life is going up in flames so a new version of you can be reborn. Like you’re on the cusp of transformation because this is your time in the cocoon and your cells are slowly forming. You’re made separate from your old self so your new self can be made whole. You dive deep into the underbelly of mastery because that’s what it takes to make it through to the other side.

Those are your wings evolving, your walls crumbling down so you can unfurl and take flight.

I believe your wings can be your art, your voice, or your love. They can be your joy, your blessing, or your curse. They can be your bliss or your pain. How you feel about them depends on how you treat them: do you love and respect your wings, or are you still denying their existence? Do you give them room to breathe, or are you furiously stuffing them back into your skin?

Freeing your wings is like planting a seed and cultivating it to yield fruit. You’re basically giving yourself a framework to be your truest self and check your inhibitions at the door. You dare yourself to try something so bold and new that you must depend on the power of flight to keep you airborne. You dare yourself to train your muscles so you don’t have to fear dropping out of the sky and falling to your death on the jagged rocks below.

Freeing your wings takes courage. It takes practice. It takes dedication, heart, and ingenuity. There’s no handy manual listing the dos and don’ts of optimal operation—you have to write the manual as you go along and discover the bugs that need fixing. All too often we want a map when what we really need is a compass and the faith to embark on our journey.

To free your wings is to free your art. It’s to free your voice. It’s to free your love. It’s giving yourself the energy and space to discover who you truly are and what you really feel about yourself. It’s drilling down to the nuts and bolts of your being so you can expand the potency and core of your being. It’s shaking it up so you can radicalise your life and kick boredom in the nuts.

To free your wings is to free your mind.

It’s less about, “Hey, look at me!” and more about, “I’m so excited to share this with you.” It’s less about running yourself ragged trying to make a sale, and more about claiming your glory as you act from your sweet spot. It’s not about getting it exactly right, but having the courage to try at all.

Let me say that again: It’s not about getting it exactly right, but  having the courage to try at all.

More and more we’re gravitating towards the things that bring space and ease into our lives. We’re reaching for the tools and practices that help us change our self-talk so we can unleash our potential. We’re aching to have the conversations that meet our needs and spur us to be our boldest, wildest, happiest selves. We’re reaching for more because we are more.

Free your wings. Give yourself the go ahead to love, create, and express with all your heart. Give yourself the yes to testing your wings and seeing how far you can go before you reach the sun. Gift yourself the chance to discover just how powerful and beautiful you really are. Gift yourself the chance to live. Your time is now.

Do you have the courage to try?

I do.

I have the courage to try. It’s why I’m here. It’s what I do. It’s why I write and dream and vision and create.

It is this courage that drives me, that moves me to make art that feels good to make & do it as often as possible. It is this courage that gives me the grace to turn my fear into love and my anxiety into fuel for action. It is this courage that takes me to the mat every day even when I don’t feel like it.

Courage. Courage.

I am driven to discover my art. I am driven to name my temple and make sacred my altar. I am driven to uncover the very nub of my essence and the calibre of my spirit. I am driven to sink deep into my skin and own it like a boss. I am driven to discover the nuts and bolts of my desire and fuel for my fire. I am driven to bleed my glory and torch the clutter before it chokes me. I am driven to strengthen my mind and body as I master my chosen wellness practices. I am driven to be the fullest possible version of myself. I am driven to go beyond what I think is probable so I can explore what’s actually possible.

I am driven to free my wings.

And you? What are you driven to do?

Photo credit : Creative Commons via Flickr

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  1. Great article. Gave me a lot to think of. I am driven to work, work and work. I feel stressed when I am not working.

    • Hi, Alexander! I’m glad you found value here. Hmm, the drive to work so much often masks a deeper need that’s not being met. What would you do more of if you didn’t work as much? Maybe the stress is a sign that’s calling for your attention. Just a thought. :)

  2. I really enjoyed this article. Especially how to know when “our wings are talking”. Lately I’ve been faced with nearly all of those feelings to break free, to start over and be reborn. This has given me the confirmation I needed to assure myself that I am most certainly not crazy, but evolving. I look forward to reading more articles. :)

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