Are You Ready To Be A Woman Of Radical Power?

I believe the world is ready for the radical power of women who boldly live and speak their truth. Not ready in the traditional sense, but ready in the real sense that we need to heal our world.

Sisters, mothers, wives, daughters, and aunts, we need to pour our fierce love and deep principles into our daily lives.

We need to show each other that it’s okay to be wild, glorious, bold, and multifaceted.

We need to show each other that it’s high time we let our emotions out to dance and breathe.

We need to remind each other that it’s time to love our men, our women, and our children with all the depth and power we’re capable of.

We need to show the world that we will not be silenced, we will not be assaulted, and we will not be broken.

Our bodies are beautiful and sacred, and we will not be trivialised by the rampant sexual objectification eating up the heart and soul of the global community.

We need to stand up and own our truth, our voices, and our desires.

It’s no longer enough to sit quietly in the sidelines while we die a little more inside with every dull, depressing day. It’s no longer enough to quietly hope that “someone else” will change the things that hurt or chafe us so.

That someone else is you. That time is now. That moment is here. Yes you can. Yes you must.

You’re already a woman of radical power. You already have all you need to change the world. You already have a strong voice to slice through the fog and inertia of complacency.

The question is, of course, “What are you doing with it?” 

I could fill the page with studies and statistics of how women are mistreated, but I’m not interested in that aspect of the conversation. I’m more interested in how every single one of us can have the courage to stand up and live our truth. I’m more interested in how you can dare yourself to be strong, vulnerable, and formidable. I’m more interested in how you can free your Soul to dance and sing out loud.

The woman of radical power is not fazed by her circumstances. She is not shaken by the negative opinions of others or their dire predictions that she’s doomed to fail in her great cause. She’s not broken or oppressed by petty mind games, reverse psychology, or anyone’s attempts to control & influence her moods, choices, thoughts, and lifestyle. 

The woman of radical power is unafraid to raise her voice even if what she has to say is unpopular because she knows that it’s less about being popular, and more about being real. She knows that the only way to live true to her Soul is to go where it leads her and have faith in the path before her. She knows that the surest way to fulfilment is to live in line with her values, her principles, and her flaming truth.

The woman of radical power is every woman who gives herself the gift of loving herself, meeting her needs, and declaring her desires. She’s every woman who steps up to make shit happen on every level while deeply ensconced in the Divine Feminine and wholly connected to the voice of her Soul.

The woman of radical power is every woman who commands respect, trust, and love. She’s every woman with zero tolerance for bullshit. She’s the woman who knows what she wants, why she wants it, and what she’s willing to do to get it.

This is the part where I whip you up into a frenzy and urge you to go out into the world now, NOW, and do something marvellous! Awe us with your power! Dazzle us with your expertise! Make us fucking care!

Well. I don’t have any tricks up my sleeve. I only have these words:

How long are you willing to live as though you’re not fully alive?

Grab a journal, grab a girlfriend, grab a latte or whatever the hell else you like, and really take a good look at that question.

What would you do differently if you could do anything you wanted? How would you think, speak, sashay, and love? How would you feel?

Will you finally get the help you need, start your own movement, or just be a whole lot bolder in your relationships? Will you finally lay out the nuts and bolts of your next big thing so you can get started already? Will you finally dare yourself to step off the edge and grow your wings on your way down?

Life’s a whole lot more fun when you say yes, you know. :)

So take the leap. Say yes. Do it all. Give it your all. Make. The. Time.

Ditch your shell.

Come play in the light; it’s so beautiful here. Promise.

PS: Need some help standing up and speaking out? I’ve got some answers. Go here and here for more.

And remember: you are a woman of radical power.

Now go do something about it. And tell me all about it in the comments below. 

See you there. :)

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  1. Otti! I love this! You are so inspiring. It’s such a profound call to action! A call to be our greatest selves.

    • Otiti!! My fingers were too fast! ;)

      • LOL!! Thanks, Kate! I’m so glad it thrilled you to the point that your fingers couldn’t keep up with your thoughts. :D ;)

        I believe we’re here to be our richest, fullest selves, and we can only taste that when we enjoy the freedom to speak and live our truth as it comes to us.

        I already know you’re doing big things with your truth, so kudos for that and keep the updates coming!

  2. Great post Otiti! Loving it. I’ve just started Daniella LaPortes Desire Map. It’s my goal over the xmas break to really plan and in 2014 do what I really want and align it with how I want to feel! xx

    • Yes! I LOVED The Fire Starter Sessions so I can just imagine how much fun you’ll have with The Desire Map! I think Danielle talks about something so important to us all, which is really how we want to feel and what we can do about it.

      Thank you for adding to the conversation here. I really appreciate it. :)

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