Calling Bullshit on Your Excuses



Raise your hand if you’ve talked yourself out of doing something you needed to do for your own growth. Far too often we wait and wait because we feel we lack the right qualifications/skill set to act on our dreams, and we rob ourselves of the opportunity to discover life in the chaos and beauty of the unknown.

In her exquisite book Playing Big, Tara Mohr talks about the particular behaviours that keep women from playing bigger in their lives and careers. One big obstacle is setting aside our dreams because we feel we can’t make them happen.

Tara says, “When a calling arrives in our minds and hearts, we usually don’t have what we need to complete it. We can see we’re missing connections, knowledge, and resources we think we need, so we often conclude the calling isn’t really meant for us. In fact, not having what we need at the outset is one of the telltale characteristics of a calling. The mistake is turning away from the call because of those perceived lacks. Instead, we can simply begin, and gather the resources, connections, and knowledge needed as we walk the journey of doing it.”

Kinda takes the wind out of your excuses, doesn’t it? [Continue reading]

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