Too Much?


The more I read spiritual books on love, abundance, joy, and success, the more I realise how deeply invested I am in expanding my consciousness and the consciousness of others. I’m interested in raising the bar, in performing to a higher standard, in being ever more alert and ever more awake. Everything I’m reading and learning teaches me to release old hurts and resentments, forgive myself and others who’ve hurt me, and get to the joy and freedom behind the walls of unforgiveness.

The more I read these books and reflect on them in my journal, the more I realise that this is what my life is about.

What are we here for? Who sent us here? What must we do, and why must we do it?

We are here to love, to be loved, to heal, and be healed. We are sent by the Creator of all Life. We must walk our own spiritual paths, and we must do it because that is how we know we are fully alive.

Notice I’m not talking about religion here. I’m not locked into which creed is right and where or how you should worship. That’s not my conversation to have, and I feel it’s an intensely personal decision for us all. Go where your heart leads you and trust that your devotion will lead you home.

I AM interested, however, in whether you choose to have a spiritual life or not. Will you meditate? Will you pray? Will you devote yourself to the study of books and practices that elevate your awareness and soften your heart towards God?

I’m on my own spiritual journey at the moment. The books I read challenge me to be more of my Highest Self, to let go of all the shit bogging me down and getting in the way of my spiritual evolution. Yes, you can be spiritual and still cuss. :D Maybe I’m not evolved enough to stop it, I don’t know. I just know that I don’t censor the words that flow forth because I have something to say and it feels necessary to say it. I’m not concerned with talking to everybody because then I’m talking to nobody. I’m just concerned with reaching the soul in search of truth and understanding. [Continue reading]

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