Reflections On The Word ‘Tribe’ + Its Meaning For You

I read something that made me think about what I’m doing here and why I’m building a community.

Justine Musk wrote how to make people *not* want to join your freaking tribe, a post inspired by Ash Ambirge’s No, I Don’t Want to Be in Your Tribe.

The gist of it is that the word “tribe” has become overused and robbed of its original meaning.

Most people bandy the word about without understanding what it truly means to be a focal point for a community that has ethics and values in common with the hub. The hub of course, being the writer/blogger/painter/singer/coach in question.

Though both posts made me think, Justine’s take on it made me reflect and write a long-ass comment in response to her words. She says,

“I absolutely believe in the power of a tribe. As an artist, writer, or creative entrepreneur of any kind, creating your much-discussed platform is creating community.

Except you don’t really ‘create’ community.

You create the conditions for it.

You offer up a cool idea – not a what so much as a why.

You express it in a way that attracts and resonates with the people whom you are meant to serve.”

This made me wonder if I’ve really done right by my community and showed up consistently enough for them to identify with me in their own time.

Have I been true to my voice, and have I been around long enough and frequently enough for them to recognise themselves in me? [Continue reading]

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