Be the Champion Creative, Not the Straggler


Why do we want to be champion creatives? Because they’re the ones who spark revolutions, change paradigms, and leave their thumbprint on humanity. It may be on a global scale, it may be through a tiny boutique company, but the champion creatives are the trendsetters dropping masterpieces that reach through the screen and grab your heart, eyeballs, and yes, even your wallet. It’s why we put down our money, time, and energy for curated brands and experiences that give us a place to belong, a crew to rock with, and a mission to live by. Champion creatives know their Zones of Genius and keep going deeper into their expertise to deliver the twists and turns of original ideas only they can come up with.

Becoming a champion creative is about identifying what moves you deeply, what makes you want to leap up on stage with a megaphone in hand and a message in your heart, what you’ll willingly stay up at night to express and refine and ship. What’s that for you?

I find myself focusing on creativity, joy, and well-being because I’m at my best when I’m creative, enthused about my life and work, and happy in my spirit. I’m discovering it’s important to nurture my creativity because it nurtures my joy, which nurtures my well-being, which sets my life on fire. And when my life is on fire, I’m more present and connected to my relationships, my work, and my environment. I feel inspired to show up fully, to do my part and contribute to the world around me. I sow my seeds in preparation of harvest, and I set up positive practices that see me through tough times. It’s a dynamic, ever-evolving process, and when I neglect it, I end up in stasis for weeks or months at a time, drifting aimlessly through each day and letting my precious time slip away from me.

When I stick to what works for me, I find my own rocket fuel specially blended to blast me into the stratosphere and keep me on top of my game. It’s up to me to seek it out, to show up every day ready to do my best work and surge forward even if I’m not brimming with spit-fire enthusiam and inspiration. Waiting to be inspired breeds inconsistency, but putting in the practice breeds a strong work ethic that fosters inspiration and lets you make new connections between the disparate elements in your mind and in the minds of the people you come in contact with.

The more you polish your ideas and the process to act on them, the more connections you make to create something or a series of somethings infused with your rock star energy, wit, and brilliance. The masters are the unmistakable ones, and becoming unmistakable is stamping your excellence and personality on everything you do. The deeper you go into your personal brand of communication and creativity, the clearer and brighter your work becomes, and the more fulfilled you feel because you’re working in your sweet spot and dominating that space. [Continue reading]

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