Walk Towards Your Desires

Let today be the day you walk towards your desires.

There will always be a reason to postpone, to shy away, to play small and act like what you need isn’t that important.

There will always be a reason to give up, to give in, to pretend that what you desire isn’t burning a hole in your gut and keeping you up at night.

What there won’t always be, though, is the time and space to make your dreams happen. There won’t always be the drive or inclination to bring forth what’s in your heart. Life can get in the way and suck up your precious time and energy.

You might get too busy, too tired, too wrapped up in your story to care about where you’re headed and why you’re headed there.

So this is a reminder, today, to acknowledge what’s calling to you and act on it. ‘Cause you’ll never know how good it feels to follow your dream until you actually do it.

What action do you need to take to get you closer to where you want to be?

Today is the day to figure it out.

Want some help? The Writing Meditation Circle can open up a whole new way of thinking and being for you if you let it.

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