7 Signs You’re Having Empowered Sex


OK, bombshells, pull up a chaise longue and get comfortable—we’re about to have a discussion on empowered sex.

What sex, you say? Empowered sex, baby—sister to transcendent sex and just as important.

Shall we?

1.) You have sex when you want to, not when you’re pressured to.

Ladies, have sex when you’re ready and it feels good, not whenever he says. If you’re genuinely not in the mood, better luck next time. Just because he wants to doesn’t mean you have to. Your body, your rules.

That said, if you rarely want to have sex with your partner or lover, you’ve got bigger problems. Frank conversations with a sex therapist might be in order. Just sayin’.

2.) You use condoms with new partners until you have proof of their sexual health.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but you need to be upfront about it. Waiting until he’s just about to penetrate you is NOT the right time to stop and ask for a condom—chances are you’ll both be too hot to think straight and do the right thing. Why leave it up to chance? Protect yourself, bae.

Needless to say, anyone who tries to trick you into sex without condoms does not belong in your bed. [Continue reading]

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