Simplify. Amplify. Testify.


Communicating a vision takes skill, stamina, and courage. Not only must you know how to say what you have to say, you also have to know why to say it and actually go through with it. Dreams are ethereal and making them tangible requires focused work, otherwise you’ll have a ton of great ideas lying in the graveyard of half-baked thoughts and gauzy wishes. Hear me when I say that’s not a pretty place to be!

When you have a dream, vision, or calling, you need a series of steps to cross from inception to completion. Unless you map out an action plan beforehand, you’ll spend a lot of time fumbling and stumbling when you should be marching ahead with confidence.

Instead of wasting time wool-gathering, design a workflow that helps you figure out what you want to say, why it’s important to say it, and what you’re willing to invest to make it happen. When you have all that down, you’ll have the drive to jump in and begin.

Need some concrete direction? Here’s a 3-step process to explore:

1.) Simplify.

What’s your message? Who’s your mission for? Pare it down to its essence and get super clear on the nuts and bolts so you have a solid foundation to build on. If you don’t fully understand your vision, no one else will, and you won’t get the traction you need to reach your goal.

Strip away the fluff and hone in on the gold. [Continue reading]

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