Bridging the Gap Between Who We Are & Who We Yearn to Be

I see who I’d love to be, who I’m meant to be, calling to me.

Sheathed in white, burning with fire, wings spread out and higher.

Golden glow radiating from every pore of her skin.

Sunshine and laughter rolling off her in beamy waves.

Twinkling eyes alive with love and passion for life.

Smiling lips rich and full with lush colour and giddy kisses.

Arms stretched wide, open and beckoning me to leap across the chasm and shed all the excess baggage chaining me to the ground.

I’m awake, I’m alive, and I’m bridging the gap between who I am and who I yearn to be.

Yes, I appreciate and love myself as I am.

And yes, I yearn to be a richer, fuller, sweeter version of myself.

Bridging the gap is about continuous leaps of faith, breathing through the discomfort, and burning off my shit in the crucible.

It’s about cracking myself open and discarding the dead, toxic bits stifling my growth.

It’s about love and truth and grit.

When you bridge the gap between who you are and who you yearn to be, you leave behind old ways of being and of doing things. You leave behind the stories and limiting beliefs that stunt your growth and shrink your imaginative capacities. You leave behind the habits that suck your energy and weigh you down, down, down. [Continue reading]

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