Let’s Talk About Sex! — Part 1


If you ARE having sex, do you make time to have it often enough to feed your spirit and jumpstart your creativity? Have you tapped into the spiritual side of it, the transcendent quality that makes it vital for your well-being?

If you AREN’T having sex with someone else, are you having it with yourself? Do you listen to your body’s needs and make sure pussy’s happy?

If you aren’t having sex AT ALL, why not? Orgasms keep us healthy, effervescent, and super creative.

Have you noticed any crankiness, irritability, or other state of being that dims your shine?

I’ll go first. I’m single at the time of this writing, so I have sex with myself. When I make time to have a pussy date 1-3 times a week, I feel happy, bright, and inspired. I feel really good when I make time to touch my body, to stroke myself to climax and just enjoy running my hands over my body.

I feel I’ve glimpsed the spiritual side of sex because it’s not just something I do when I’m horny; it’s also a reset button for my entire being and fuel for the flame of my creativity. I feel I’m tapping into my Goddess energy when I have great sex that shuts off my mind and turns on every cell in my body.

Sometimes I just want to dance naked to sensual music. Sometimes I want to be fucked long and hard. And sometimes I yearn for the touch of a lover to expand my sensations, orgasms, and climaxes.

When I listen to my body’s needs, I find myself in tune with the world around me and able to make connections between all sorts of ideas and disciplines. I’m alert, alive, and turned on by my sexual energy. I feel I have a lightning bolt in one hand and a live wire in the other.

I’m ecstatic when pussy’s happy, so I make sure to keep her singing. When I pleasure my yoni, my galaxy shimmers and every day has threads of gold running through it. I may not have everything I want, but I realise I have everything I need.

When you make time to have regular sex, you make time to feel the way you want to feel in your sex life, which is turned on and nourished for most of us. We want to feel sexy, we want to feel satisfied, and we want to have the kind of sex fills us up from the inside out.

So how do we have that kind of sex? Not from thinking about it, that’s for sure. It’s from putting ourselves out there, being vulnerable with ourselves and our lovers and partners. Giving our sexual desire room to bloom and unfurl so it can meet our needs and get us where we want to be. Giving ourselves permission to ask for what we want and making space to receive what we’re asking for.

And to be clear, I’m not talking about just any kind of sex here. I’m talking about mindful sex, transcendent sex, the kind that turns you inside out and leaves you laughing with joy. When you’re fully present in your body and the moment, you’re open to transforming the kind of sex you’re already having into the kind you want to have. You go deeper into the experience and sip every last drop of bliss available in the moment. You discover how deeply nourishing sex can be when you bring your full awareness and presence to it.

So if you’re not having sex or not enjoying the kind of sex you’re having, this is your wake-up call to design the experience you desire. Get proactive, get present, and pleasure yourself however feels best to you.

You up for the challenge? Come play with me in my Facebook group, a safe, sacred, raunchy space for women to explore the magic and power of being women.

Image: Creative Commons via Flickr

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