Your Desire as Fuel


Having great sex brightens and expands your life. A brighter, more expansive life is about sparking sustainable change: having better orgasms, enjoying more fulfilling sex, asking for what you really want in the bedroom, and channelling your robust, luscious sexual energy into your creativity and daily life. When you do this, you mainline your Goddess Power as you embody the Divine Feminine, and you step into a more vibrant, scintillating flow of life. You open up your energy centres so your Shakti can flow freely through you and spill over into everything you do.

Sex and creativity are closely linked because the same life-force energy powers both drives and fuels their expression. Tapping into your sexual energy boosts your creativity because you’re dripping with power, pussy juice, and curiosity—you’re open to exploring who you really are and what you’re really about. Doing this opens new worlds of possibilities and sharpens your experience of the beauty all around you.

It’s vital to embrace your sexual energy in order to feel lit up, inspired, and connected to your deepest desires. Desire is the driving force of every experience—we do the things we do because we want to feel a certain way for as long as we can. We aim for things and experiences we desire so we can feel the rewards of those things and experiences.

When we allow ourselves to admit our desires, we free ourselves to want what we want without making ourselves wrong for it. If we feel our desires are grasping or hurtful, we’re acting from fear, not love. Acting from fear deadens our chakras and suppresses our sexual & creative energy, and it keeps us from being our fullest, most vibrant selves. Fear keeps us small and stagnant, robbing us of the joy of challenging ourselves to grow, evolve, and deepen mastery of our skills & environment.

If we feel our desires are expansive and freeing, we’re acting from love. Love opens up our chakras so our life-force energy flows freely through our minds, bodies, and spirits. Love stirs up our sexual and creative energy, spurring us to explore being our fullest, most vibrant selves. Love keeps us expansive and limber, opening us to the joy of challenging ourselves to grow, evolve, and deepen mastery of our skills & environment. [Continue reading]

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